MATLAB Problems

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*Use MATLAB to solve these problems.

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*To submit    3.567 X 10^(-33)    type     3.567e-33    (round to 3 decimal digits)

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Let E be the reduced-row echelon form of the matrix A where



Then  =  ??  



Let      then   det( B ) = ????  


Let   and    then    


Let :   (how many negative eigenvalues)



Then the matrix  K  has   -------   negative eigenvalues.     


Find the characteristic equation of the matrix  K   then compute:







Determine whether  or not the matrix G is diagonalizable    




Solve the IVP:



Then find the value the solution at x=1.   y(1)=????




Solve the following linear system of differential equations:



Then find:    x(2) = ?????