King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

 Department of Mathematical Sciences

Semester I, 2003 (031)

Information & Grading Policy



Instructor: Dr. Faisal Abdul-Karim Fairag   د. فيصل عبد الكريم فيرق) )


Office:  5-416


Phone:  860-4463




Home page:


Math-101 Homepage :


Office Hours:       12:30 pm – 1:30 pm  (Sat & Mon)

                            or by appointment


Class Schedule:  Sec# 11  SMW 10:00am  -10:50am,              4-101

                                         U 10:00am –10:50am,                        4-105

                                    Sec# 28  SMW 11:00am –11:50am,               6-200

                                         U 11:00am –11:50am,                            4-150


Grading Policy:


3 Quizes

First Major Exam


Second Major Exam


Final Exam


5% each







* DN grade: Immediately after 6 unexcused absences.

* -0.5 for each unexcused absence.

* -0.2 for each unsubmitted homework.

* Homeworks are due Monday in class.  (I will not accept any HW after the end of the class).

*Important Note: No makeup exam ( see the date and time in the syllabus )

*Final exam time, place and date will be assigned by the registrar and will be announced later in the semester. It is comprehensive.