1.      Grades will be posted (INSHAA ALLAH) Thursday, Jan 15 (1:00 PM) on my office & on WebCT.

2.      Any concerns about your grade please call me at 860-4463 ( Friday, Jan 16 (8:30 PM 10:30 PM ), (Please note: if the phone line appears no one is answering, this means that another student is talking to me on the other digital line, so please KEEP DIALING).

3.      Grades will be submitted Saturday, Jan17 morning (INSHAAA ALLAH), (NO changes can be made after then).

Final Exam :

Date:Tuesday, January13, 2004

Time 7:30 AM

Location: 11-133


4.      If your final exam mark is above 95%, then your grade will be upgraded 2 letter grade ( for example: C+ to B+).

5.      You will be upgraded one letter grade if , where (This means that you have studied hard and made a big difference).

6.      DON'T forget to bring your calculator. Some questions involves Newton method, local linear approximation, (You will not be allowed to borrow a calculator during the exam).