Invited Conferences:


61st World Statistics Congress, Marrakech-Morocco, 16-21 July, 2017  ISI2017

ALEA in Europe Meeting 2016, Munich-Germany, February 22-26, 2016 ALEA-2016

12-th Workshop on Stochastic Models, Statistics and their Applications , Wroclaw-Poland, February 16-20, 2015   WSMS-2015

XVI-th International Summer Conference On Probability and Statistics , Pomorie-Bulgaria, June 21-28, 2014 ISCPS-2014

Marrakesh International Conference on Probability and Statistics, Marrakesh-Morocco, December 17-20, 2013 MICPS-2013

International Conference on Mathematical Sciences and Statistics, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia, February 5-7th, 2013 ICMSS2013

6th International Conference on Stochastic Analysis and Its Applications, Będlewo-Poland, September 10-14th, 2012 ICSAA

4th Annual IAMCS Spring Symposium,  KAUST, Jeddah, May 6-7,2012 IAMCS

Conference on Stochastic Analysis Lťvy processes and (B) SDEs, Innsbruck-Austria, October 3-7th, 2011 SALP

34th Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications, Osaka- Japan, September 6-10th, 2010.SPA10

6th International Conference on Levy Processes:Theory and Applications, Dresden- Germany, July 26-30, 2010.L\'evy10

 The first International Conference on Mathematics and Statistics, Sharja- UAE, March 18-21, 2010..ICMS'10

  33rd Conferences on Stochastic Processes and Their Applications, Berlin- Germany, July 27-31, 2009..SPA2009

International Symposium on Mathematical Methods Applied to the Sciences . San Josť, Costa Rica   19-22 February, 2008.

International Symposium on Global Analysis and Probability,  May 27-28, 2008 . Department of Mathematics, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia.

International Symposium on Stochastic Analysis and Probability Hausdorf center for Mathematics"Cluster of exellence". January 15-20, 2007, Bonn,   Germany Exellence International conference on Mathematical Analysis of Random Phenomena. September 12-17, 2005,Hammamet, Tunisia. CMAH

Tunisia-Japan Symposium on culture, Science and Technology, May 23-29, 2004, Sfax, Tunisia.  TJS

International conference on Mathematical Analysis and Probability, October20-25, 2003, Hammamet, Tunisia. CMH