Brief Vita

Dr. Ahmed Shawky Ibrahim
Associate Professor of Mathematics
King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Department Of Mathematical Sciences
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Email :-

Phone: +966 - 03 - 8602439
Fax: +966-03-8602340



Ph.D.  (Algebra: Some New Homological Classes of Rings), Assuit University, Egypt
M.A.   (Applied Mathematics), Pennsylvania State University, USA
M. Sc. (Algebra: Embedding Theorems of Groups), Alexandria University, Egypt

Area of Research Activities (Past, Present and Planned):

(i)   Extension of Partial Automorphisms of Groups
(ii)  Relations in Ordered Group
(iii) Homological Characterizations of Rings
(iv) Fuzzy Algebraic Structures: Fuzzy Subgroups

Teaching Experience:

Taught a variety of Math courses at Alexandria University, Kuwait University,
Pennsylvania State University, and King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals.

Course Taught:

Preparatory Mathematics 1, 2, and 3
Calculus I, II, and III
Calculus for Applied Engineers 1 and 2
Calculus for Industrial Management 1 and 2
Finite Mathematics for Industrial Management
Differential Equations
Differential Equations for Applied Engineers
Set Theory
Linear Algebra
Vector Analysis
Undergraduate and Graduate Algebra Course

M.Sc. and Ph. D. Thesis Committees:

I have served as member of 7 M.Sc. and 4 Ph.D. thesis committees and as a chairman of one
M.Sc. thesis committee. All these were in the field of Algebra.

Refereeing and Reviewing:

Evaluated several article and papers for possible presentation and/or publication in Mathematics
workshop, Mathematics conferences and referred journals.

Short Courses:

Coordinated  and/or cooperated several short courses offered to male and female high school
Math Teachers in Saudi Arabia.

 Technical Seminars and Presentations:

Delivered and/or supervised several technical technical seminars and presentation in group theory,
ring theory, lattices, fuzzy algebra, and on the importance of mathematics to all majors.

Commitees and Other Activities:

I have served as a member and/or chairman on several committees  on departmental college, university
and outside university levels. For example, Planning and Advisory Committees, Undergraduate Committees,
Algebra Committee, Prep-Year Math Committee, Textbook Committee, The Scientific Committee, Promotion
Committees, College of Science Community Service Committee, and many other committees.


(I)  Full Length Books, Manuals, Computer Assisted Lessons, and Video Tapes:

1.  Analytic Geometry for Junior Colleges in Saudi Arabia (Textbook; Joint). (Arabic)
            2.  Concurrent to the First Course in Differential Equations for Applied
                Engineers at KFUPM (Lab Manual).
            3.  Computer Assisted Lessons and Specimen Problems for the computer
                Assisted Learning (CAL)  Program at KFUPM ( Interactive Math Problems).
            4.  Math-lessons on Video Tapes for the Prep-Year Students.


(II)   Curricula:

            1.  "Modernized curricula in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Sciences".
                  This team project was sponsored  by the Islamic Scientific Education and
                  Cultural Organization (ISESCO).

            2.   " Annotated Teachers' Guide in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science",
                    Sponsored by ISESCO (Six volumes for Grades VII to XII).

            3.     Cooperated in preparing curricula and syllabi of several undergraduate and
                    graduate course at KFUPM.



(III)   Research Papers:

1.    C. G Chehata, and A. Shawky Ibrahim"A Note on Extending Partial Automorphisms of Abelian
                  Groups" (Joint).  J. Aust. Math soc. This paper has been quoted and enlisted in the bibliography
                  of Vol. II of Fuchs' Book "Infinite Abelian Groups".

            2.   C. G Chehata, and A. Shawky Ibrahim "Relation on Ordered Groups" (Joint).  Proc. Math & Phys.
                  Soc. of Egypt. This  paper has been quoted and enlisted in the bibliography of the following:
                  (i) C. Fox, "The Problem of Adjourning roots to Ordered Groups", Ph.D. Thesis,
                  Australian National University, (ii) C. Fox , "Commentators in Orderable Groups",
                  Communication in Algebra. 

            3.    A Shawky Ibrahim "Existence Theorem for Abelian Groups", Arabian Journals for Science and
                  Engineering ( AJSE).

            4.    J. Ahsan, and A.. S. Ibrahim "Some Homological Characterizations of Rings" (Joint).  Communication
                  in Algebra.

            5.    A Shawky Ibrahim, and S. Khattas "On Fuzzy Quotient Subgroups" ( Joint). Proc. Of the Pak. Acad of Sc.

            6.   M. Ahmed, and A Shawky Ibrahim"Fuzzy Subsets and Probability" (Joint).  Third Islamic Countries
                 Conference on Statistical Sciences.

             7.   A Shawky Ibrahim, and S. Khattas "On the Level Subgroup Representation of a Finite Fuzzy
                  Subgroup" (Joint). Proc of the Pak. Acad. of Sc.

             8.   C. G Chehata, and A. Shawky Ibrahim  "Normal Form of the Elements of the Direct Product of
                   Groups with One Amalgamated Subgroups" (Joint). J. of Nat. Sc. & Math.

             9.    C. G Chehata, and A. Shawky Ibrahim  "On the direct Product of Groups with one Amalgamated
                    Subgroup" (Joint). Bull of Faculty of  Science, Alexandria.

             10.   A. Shawky Ibrahim On the Misbehavior of Some Commutators  in Ordered Groups (ABSTRACT).
                    Conference in  Algebra and Geometry, Kuwait University.

             11.    J. Ahsan, and A.. S. Ibrahim "Some Homological Characterizations of Regular Rings" (Summary).
                     C.R. Math., Acad. Sc. Canada.

             12.    A Shawky Ibrahim, and S. Khattas "Normal sequence of Refined Fuzzy Subgroups", Presented
                     at the International conference on General Algebra, Krems, Austria.

             13.     "The Annuli of Fuzzy Subgroups" (Under Preparation).

             14.     "An Essay on Fuzzy Subgroups" ( Under Preparation).





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