Ali N. Duman                            

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Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

KFUPM, Dhahran                                                       

Office Tel.: 2632

email: aliduman at kfupm dot edu dot sa


Curriculum Vitae

B.Sc. Department of Mathematics, Bilkent University, 2005

Ph.D. Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 2010

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Bahrain, 2013-2015

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, KFUPM-Dhahran, 2015-present



1. Texture analysis of Hydrophobic Polycarbonate and Polydimethylsiloxane Surfaces via Persistent Homology (joint with B.S. Yilbas, H. Pirim and H. Ali), Coatings, 2017, 7(9), 139.

2. A Functorial contruction of quantum subtheories (joint with Ivan Contreras), Entropy, 2017, 19(5), 220.

3. Geometric Quantization and Epistemically Restricted Theories: The Continuous Case (joint with Ivan Contreras),  Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science, 2017, pp. 40-50.  

4. A complete graphical calculus for Spekkens' toy bit theory, (joint with Miriam Backens), Foundations of Physics, 46 (2016), 70-103

5. Cohomology of toroidal orbifold quotients, (joint with Jose Manuel Gomez and Alejandro Adem), Journal of Algebra, 344 (2011), 114-136

6. An example of a twisted fusion algebra, Boletin de la Sociedad Matematica Mexicana, 16 (2011),  19-28

7. The fusion algebra of a extra special p-group, J. Math. Phys., 50, 082301 (2009)


Talks on Conferences and Workshops

1. Gene co-expression network analysis via persistent homology, UAE Math Day 2017, Sharjah-UAE

2. Geometic Quantization and Epistemically Restricted Theories, Quantum Physics and Logic 2016, Glasgow-UK

3. A complete graphical calculus for Spekkens' toy bit theory, AUS-ICMS'16, Sharjah-UAE

4. A complete graphical calculus for Spekkens' toy bit theory, Commutative Algebra Workshop 2016, Dhahran-Saudi Arabia