for Windows 3.1 
This page allows you to download a Java extension that enables printing of jDoc pages, like the one you were just viewing. If you see this page then the extension is not installed or needs to be updated. This page will install the 2.0 update of jDoc printing.
The jDoc Printing extension is restricted to allowing Java applications to initiate print jobs from your browser, after displaying a standard print dialog.
To install or update jDoc Printing:
1. Click the following link to download the printing extension installer.
jDocPN16.exe (74KB)
2. Quit Communicator.
3. Run the installer by double-clicking the downloaded file.
4. Restart Communicator, browse to your jDoc document and click Print.
The first time you use jDoc Printing you'll get a Java Security warning dialog.
5. Check the Remember this decision checkbox.
6. Click Grant.
Note: If you have trouble printing immediately after installing, restart Netscape Communicator.
If you have both Netscape Navigator and Netscape Communicator installed on your system, the jDoc Printing installer will install jDoc Printing for whichever version was most recently opened.

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