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Math 260 Sections 5 and 6

 Section 05                          Section 06 

Grade Sheets                                Grade Sheets  

This HTML file contains the course  grade summary sheet along with detail sheets of  exams, quizzes and absences

    Grade Sheets - Sorted                Grade Sheets Sorted

 Same as above but sorted by total grades


  Grade Charts                                Grade Charts    
Stacked accumulative grade chart and curved grades chart

Grade Charts - Sorted                 Grade Charts - Sorted
Same as above but sorted

Exams Questions Chart


The grade sheets has been updated to account for everything except for the final. Take a close look at your grade and let me know as soon as possible of any corrections.

If you are happy with your grade, do not show up for the final. However, you must send me an e-mail message with the following content:

" I do not wish to take the final "

Student ID #:
Section #:
List #:

For those who decide not to take the final: have a nice summer break. And, good luck for those who decide to take the adventure.

Final exam
Location:  Building 10
Date:        Monday, June 7, 2004
Time:        12:30 PM



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