This page allows you to download a Java extension that enables printing of jDoc pages, like the one you were just viewing. If you see this page then the extension is not installed or needs to be updated. This page will install the 2.0 update of jDoc printing.
Before installing jDoc Printing for Netscape Navigator, you may want to upgrade to:
Netscape Navigator 3.01 or Netscape Communicator 4.0
jDoc Printing does support Netscape Navigator version 2.02, however installing for Navigator 3.0 (and later) is easier and requires fewer steps.
To install or update jDoc Printing:
1. Click the following link to download the printing extension installer.
jDocPrtN.exe (102KB)
2. Quit Netscape Navigator.
3. Run the installer by double-clicking the downloaded file.
4. Take note of the path listed in the final install dialog.
You will need this path to complete the install process for Netscape 2.02
To complete the install on Windows 95:
5. Choose Run from the Start menu.
6. Type in "sysedit" and click OK.
7. If not already in front, bring the C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT window to the front.
8. Type in the window "SET CLASSPATH=" and the path from the last installer dialog.
The final result should look something like:
SET CLASSPATH=c:\program files\netscape\navigator\program\java\classes
Note: If you already have a classpath variable, then append the new value to the old one, by separating the two values with a semicolon.
9. Choose Save from the File menu and exit the sysedit application.
10. Restart your computer.
11. Open Navigator, browse to your jDoc document and click Print.
To complete the install on Windows NT 4.0:
5. Open the System control panel and go to the Environment tab.
6. Enter "CLASSPATH" in the Variable field.
7. Enter the path from the last installer dialog in the Value field.
The Value field should look something like this:
c:\program files\netscape\navigator\program\java\classes
8. Click Set.
9. Click OK.
10. Restart Navigator, browse to your jDoc document and click Print.

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