Answer the following questions with T (rue) or F (alse). Note: An incorrect answer will cancel a correct answer.

______ a) .
______ b) .
______ c) is an increasing function.

______ d) The function has no x-intercept and and y-intercept equal to zero.

______ e) The graph of is the same as the graph of g(x) = x.

______ f) The function is undefined for all x.

______ g) .
______ h) Life does not always give you a second chance.

6. Write as a single logarithm
5. Find the value of
4. If and , express in terms of x and y.
3. Solve for x
b) Find the range of f(x) ( do not use the graph)
a) Sketch the graph of
2. Let
1. Find the domain of the functions:

Answer all questions. Show all your work
Cheating in punishable by an F-grade for the course.
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July 12, 2005
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