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 I did Ph. D in Mathematics in 1987 in the area of General Relativity and Differential Geometry. Since then I have published several research papers in journals of international repute. My eariler work on spacetime symmetries followed on earlier work on Lie groups by Chevelley in the 1950ís and by Petrov and others in 1960ís.Since then I have extended my investigations to Lie symmetries of the Ricci and then the Riemann tensors in General Relativity. Later I extended my investigations to the Lie symmetries of the Ricci and then the Riemann tensors. Most recently, I have published on Lie point symmetries and solutions of Partial differential equations. My research accomplishments were recognized by awarding me the prestigious Salam Prize (1991), Commonwealth (1991), DAAD (2000) and Fulbright (2001) fellowships and my appointment as an Associate member (1995) of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy. Later I administered for two years the International Centre for theoretical Physics Net.53 for collaboration of research between Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan.




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