I was born in wednesday february 1st 1978 at 1:00 AM. But we were two to be born that day : me and my sister ! Yes, I have a twin, and her name is Samia ! My native town is Menzel Temime : a very beautiful and lovely town on the Mediterranean sea.

Primary and Secondary School
I had 6 years of primary education in a school that had my name : Zhioua Primary School !!! My favorite course was mathematics. My Secondary education was also in my lovely town, it took 7 years. In these years I enjoyed computer science and especially Sports !!

University (part 1)
At 18 years old, I left my lovely town, Menzel Temime, to the capital, Tunis . I studied in Tunis III University , precisely in the High Institute of Management. I was specialized in Computer Science applied to management. I enjoyed Data Structures especially trees and graphs. In 2000, I had my diploma after 4 years of studies.

Job : Teacher
I worked as a teacher in a secondary school in United Arab Emirates. The school is called Oqba Ibn Nafee Prepartory School. I taught Computer Science, of course. I stayed 1 year in United Arab Emirates , but I've got a lot of friends ( Hi my friends in U.A.E !).

University (part 2)
In 2001, I came to Quebec , precisely to Laval University , to continue my studies in Computer Science. Quebec city is a very beautiful town, especially when it snows : where everything is white, even the sky in the night !! But if you didn't visit Québec city until now, believe me .. it's cold ..

University (part 3)
After I had my M.Sc. degree from Laval University in 2003, I moved to Concordia University in Montreal to start a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Unlike Laval University , Concordia is a large urban University located in downtown core of Montreal . So, good bye to the quietness of Québec city, welcome to the stress of Montreal downtown !!!!

University (part 4)
After one year and a half at Concordia University and after finishing my courses and pre-doc exams, I decided to continue my PhD thesis at Laval University !!! Now I know it : No University has a more wonderful campus than Laval University !

University (part 5)
After successfully defending my Ph.D. thesis on January 31st, 2008 at Laval University, I started a Post-Doc at McGill University. Hence, after 25 years spent studying, I am still a student !!!

I got married on August 6th, 2005 at 27 year old .. her name is Karima .. a Computer Scientist (of course) ..

A Baby
His name is Mohamed and he is the best gift I ever had in this life (al hamdou Lilleh, thank you God) .. He was born on August 6th, 2006 .. yes .. exactly 1 year after my wedding .. is it beautiful .. !

A Second Baby, Hajer
Hajer was born February 27th, 2008. Since then, she is the sun of my life .. May God protect her ..

Assistant Professor
In August 31st, 2009, I moved with my family to Khobar (Dammam) in Saudi Arabia where I got an assistant professor position at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. The University is great, the city is beautiful, and we are close to Makkah and Madinah .. What else do we want .. Al Hamdou Lilleh ..