LAB  #03: Linked Lists




1.  Downloadables:

Download the file and unzip it in the ics202 main folder.  Winzip will automatically create a subfolder lab03 and store some of the files in that folder.  After unzipping, you should have the following files:


Under the ics202 package:


Under the ics202.lab03 package:

2.  Task 1:

(a)  Study carefully to make sure you understand what each of its methods is doing.  The File contains an implementation of singly linked list as in the lecture slides, while is a test

       class for the MyLinkedList class, although most of the cases are not implemented.

(b) Complete the implementation of the TestMyLinkedList class by taking care of the remaining cases.


3.  Task 2:

(a)     Implement a class MyContainer2 (under ics202.lab03 package) similar to the MyContainer we saw in the first lab, but using MyLinkedList as the data structure.  In particular, you should implement the purge, iterator and insert methods.  The compareTo method can be implemented to simply throw MethodNotImplemented exception as in lab01.

(b)   Copy the file from lab01 and save it as in lab03 and update it accordingly to test the MyContainer2 class.


4.  Task 3:

(a)     Write a class MySearchableContainer2 (under ics202.lab03 package) that extends the MyContainer2 class and implements the SearchableContainer interface.  In particular, you should implement the isMember, find and withdraw methods.

(b)   Copy the file from lab02 and save it as in lab03 and update it accordingly to test the MySearchableContainer2 class.


5.  Task 4:

(a)     Study the given classes Item and Shop and then complete the method initializeList of such that it initializes

         shoplist with at least three shops. Each shop's itemContainer must be initialized with at least two items.

(b)   Complete the method buyItem such that it prompts the user to enter the name of an item he wants to buy, the quantity to be bought, 

        and the shop he will buy from. The method then sells the item by updating the stockQuantity of that item and by displaying the

        required amount of money. Your method must display appropriate error messages for error cases.

(c)    Complete the method displayShops such that it displays shoplist.