Areas of Interest

Programming Languages, Concurrent and Object-Oriented Programming, Functional Programming, Information Systems Planning and Management


Papers in Journals
Papers in Conferences
Invited Lectures
Research Projects

Papers in Journals:

1.  M.M. Najjar, N.M. Shaikh, and T.H. Maghrabi, ”Changing the Academic Computing Environment at KFUPM: A Case Study”, Saudi Computer Journal, Vol. 1, No. 2, Nov ember 1997,pp. 85-101. (Download a copy in PDF)
2. M.O. Budair, M.M. Najjar, and K. O. Al-Qurashi, "A GPA-Based Scheme for Tracking Academic Students' Performance at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals", European Journal of Engineering Education, Vol. 17, No. 1, Paris, France, 1992, pp. 95-103. (Download a copy in PDF)


Papers in Conferences:

1. Talal Maghrabi, M.M. Najjar, Jaweed Yazdani “Establishing an Intranet: The KFUPM Experience”, Proceedings of The Fifth Saudi Engineering Conference, Makkah, 1998. (Download a copy in PDF) (A Better copy in PDF)
2. M.S.F. Pulak, M.M. Najjar, A.A. Al-Dharrab “A Computerized Forecasting System for Student Enrollment in KFUPM”, The 15th National Computer Conference, Dhahran, November 1997, pp. 535-545. (Download a copy in PDF)
3. M.M. Najjar, “Rightsizing Academic Computer Applications at KFUPM”, The Fourth Saudi Engineering Conference, Jeddah, 5-8 November, 1995, pp.411-418. (Download a copy in PDF)
4. M.M.Najjar, “Experience in Using Computer Technology in the Academic and Administrative Sectors at KFUPM”, the 14th Saudi National Computer Conference, Riyadh, April, 1995, pp. 1-19. (In Arabic: Download a copy in PDF)

M. Al-Mulhem, M.M. Najjar, A. Al-Sukairi, and K. W. Al-Dhaher, “Computer Education as a Program of Study and as a Tool at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals”, Computer Education Symposium for the Gulf Universities, Bahrain, November 7-10, 1992, pp. 529-574.

(In Arabic: Download a copy in PDF)

6. M.M. Najjar and T. Elrad, “Parallel Replay of Concurrent Programs”, AL-Azher Engineering Second International Conference, Volume XI, Cairo, Egypt, December 1991, pp. 306-315.(Download a copy in PDF)
7. M.M. Najjar and T. Elrad, “A Two-Phase Reproduction Method for Ada Tasking Programs”, 7th Annual National Conference on Ada Technology, Atlantic City, NJ, March 1989, pp. 197-208.(Download a copy in PDF)
8. M. Masud and M.M. Najjar, “A Special Purpose Computer for Arabic Text Processing”,  The 10th National Computer Conference, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Rajab 1408 (March 1988), Volume II, pp. 679-688. (Download a copy in PDF)
9. M.M. Najjar and Manzer Masud, “A Computer Architecture to Support Arabic Text Processing”, Workshop on Computer Processing and Transmission of the Arabic Language, Kuwait, April 1985. (Download a copy in PDF)


1. M.O. Budair, M.M. Najjar, and K. O. Al-Qurashi, "A Scheme for Evaluating the Performance of Students at KFUPM", KFUPM,  April 1991. (Download a copy in PDF)
2. A. Al-Sukairi and M.M. Najjar, "Low Student Enrollment in the Information and Computer Science Department", ICS Department, February 1991. (Download a copy in PDF)

Invited Lectures:

1. M.M. Najjar, "Parallel Computing", Department of Civil Engineering, December 2, 1990.
2.  M.M. Najjar, "Concurrent Programming", Professional Development Course on "The Art of Parallel Programming", Saudi Arabia Chapter of the ACM, Saudi ARAMCO, May 17, 1990.


1. M.M. Najjar, "Downsizing Computers", Information and Computer Science Department, June 13, 1993.
2. M.M. Najjar, "Downsizing", Data Processing Center, February 1, 1993.
3. M.M. Najjar, "Replay of Concurrent Programs", Information and Computer Science Department, December 16, 1990.
4. M.F.S. Pulak and Mamdouh M. Najjar, ”Simulation Model for planning in an Institution of Higher Education: A Case Study for KFUPM”, Mini-Symposium: Computer Simulation, KFUPM, May 1996.

Participation in Research Projects:

1. M.M. Najjar, T.H. Maghrabi, and K. W. Al-Dhaher, "Information Technology for Post-Secondary Education in Saudi Arabia", Research proposal KFUPM/RI, Post-Secondary Education in Suadi Arabia Project, January 1993.