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ICS 350/ 351/ 352 Cooperative Work

A continuous period of 28 weeks spent as a normal employee in industry, business, or government agencies with the purpose of familiarizing students with the real world of work and enabling them to integrate their classroom learning to a real work environment. During this period, a student is exposed to a real-life work in the field.

Each student is required to participate with at least one project. Students are required to submit progress reports during the work period. Students are also required to give a presentation and submit a final report on their experience and the knowledge they gained during their cooperative work.


  • Gain real world work experience.

  • Develop work habits and work ethics.

  • Gain experience of workplace discipline.

  • Enhance employability skills.

  • Learn how to work with others.

  • Complete a supervised training period in the field.

  • Participate in at least one computer-related project.

  • Apply the knowledge and skills developed in the classroom in a practical work environment.

  • Confirm student concentration and/or career path.

  • Develop business contacts.

  • Experience reporting back in both written and verbal formats.

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