Text Box:  The Third IEEE/WIC/ACM International  Workshop  
on P2P Computing and Autonomous Agents
 In conjunction with 
The International IEEE WI/IATí08 Conference
9 December 2008, Sydney
Text Box: Autonomous agents and Peer-to-peer (P2P) computing are currently attracting enormous media attention world wide. In P2P systems a very large number of autonomous computing nodes (the peers) pool together their resources and rely on each other for data and services. The main aim of the P2P Computing and Autonomous Agents workshop is addressing the needs for autonomous agents that support self-organization of highly autonomous peers, load balance, routing, etc. The workshop seeks papers describing significant research contributions to the field of P2P and Autonomous agents.  We invite submissions on Autonomous Agents techniques for P2P computing, Services in P2P and autonomous . 
Area of interest include, but not limited to: 
∑ Autonomous agents and query languages for P2P systems
∑ Data placement and query answering in P2P systems
∑ Transaction management for P2P systems
∑ Autonomous peers and semantic Web
∑ Self-organization and emergent behavior in P2P systems
∑ P2P information retrieval architectures
∑ Resource allocation in P2P systems
∑ Scalability, coordination, robustness and adaptability in P2P system
∑ Autonomic Services in P2P systems
∑ Overlay Networks and Application Level Multicast
∑ P2P Grid Computing
General Chair
             Dr. Tarek Helmy,  KFUPM, Saudi Arabia
             Dr. Khaled Ragab   KFU, Saudi Arabia
             Dr. Yuri Tijerino   KGU, Japan

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Dr. Khaled Ragab
Dr. Yuri Tijerino

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