Ejaz Ahmed's Publications

(This is a selection of recent publications)

Ejaz Ahmed, Nik Bessis, Yong Yue, Des Stephens, Data Loading and Mapping using Staging DBMS in the Grid, 21st IEEE Annual Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering, CCECE, Ontario, Canada, 2008

Ejaz Ahmed, Techniques For Customizing Patient’s Diagnosis User Interface, PubMed, MedNet 2006, Canada.

Ejaz Ahmed, Kenneth Revett, Verification of data in staging schema, mapping between source tables and Materialized Views, pp. 200-204, EKDB&W EPIA 2005 IEEE.

Ejaz Ahmed, Kenneth Revett: Utilizing Staging Tables in Data Integration to load data into Materialized Views, CIS 2004, LNCS 3314, pp. 685-691, 2004, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2004.

Ejaz Ahmed, Data Engineering-Data Warehouse and Data Mining, Special Databases, Bahrain Conventional Center IEEE Conference, May 2003

Ejaz Ahmed, Numerical Solution of Heat Conduction problem between to dissimilar bodies, Programming and Computation Analysis, Journal of Numerical Computations and Software Technology, 42,15, December 1994

Ejaz Ahmed, Dr. S. Janjua, Medical Health Records Data Analysis Patterns, Patient Treatment History System, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2003

Ejaz Ahmed, Books title ‘Developing Database Applications using Oracle PL/SQL Developer2000’, Ilmo Irfan Publisher, Lahore, 1999

Ejaz Ahmed, Books title ’Oracle SQL Plus A complete Reference Guide’, Ilmo Irfan Publisher, Lahore, 1998


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