Chapter 8: Specialized Databases 

 Exercises and Projects

11. Go to PubMed at PubMed and do a search for fibromyalgia. How many results do you find? Following the instructions given at the site, limit the search to articles in English published during the last two years. How many articles are listed now?

2. Here is a specialized database on a completely different topic than those we studied in the chapter: exCalendar, at, an exhibition calendar of art exhibits around the world. Access the site and search for exhibitions that include works by Claude Monet. How many are listed? Give the dates of three of the exhibits and the museums where they are located. (There are wonderful online museums as well. Take a look at the galleries available at the Artchive at, and at the Smithsonian's prototype of its virtual museum, Revealing Things, at

3. Suppose you want to invest in the stock market and need information about a company or two you are considering in the food industry. Let's try a search for information about Hershey, whom you know makes candy bars. You know you can search for the company at Hoover's Online, as we did in the chapter. Access their site at and look for Hershey. List the URL for Hershey Foods home page. Is there a corporate address and a link to an annual report at this site? Were these items easy to find?

4. Now look for another a company in another database. This time go to Corporate Information: What You Need to Know, at, and search for Apple Computer.

a. What is the URL for the company's home page?

b. Who is the current chief financial officer?

5.Go to FreeEdgar at (Hint: You'll need to register) and search for American Eagle Outfitters. Find its most recent anual report (10-K) and give its total current assets.

6. Go to the Librarians' Index to the Internet at and find the Internet Movie Database. How did you find it? Access the site, and search for the actress Adrian Booth. What was her real name? What other name did she use? In what films did she appear with John Wayne?

7. Another excellent government-produced database is Thomas, at Thomas is the U. S. Congress Web site.

a. Access the site and search for bills currently in Congress about hate crimes legislation. How many results do you find?

b. Is the Congressional Record searchable as well? What about bills that are still in committee?

8. See if you can find a database with information about your own state or province. Remember that the Internet Public Library at is a good place to start a search for a specialized database. Describe how you conducted your search and what you found.