Chapter 11: Finding Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Maps 

Exercises and Projects

1. Using InfoSpace at, as we did in the chapter, find the address for Cartier Incorporated in New York. I think the store may be on Fifth Avenue. Name three department stores that are close to it.

2. Using InfoSpace at, look for the phone number and the email address of the following people:

What kinds of results did you have?

3. Take a look at WhoWhere? at Describe what is available at this site. Try your searches from the previous question (yourself, friend, celebrity, politician) at this site. Compare your results. Which gave more complete and accurate results? Which did you prefer?

4. Now go to SEARCH.COM at Click on Phone Numbers. Scroll down the page to see what is available. What options do you have here? List at least five white page services that are available from this page. This makes it easy to search for a person in several databases from one site! Try a search for someone you know at three different databases on this page.

5. Go to Yahoo!ís People Search at and to Bigfoot at Look for their privacy policies and compare them. Is it easy to find their policies? Is one more strongly protective of privacy than another? Can you remove your name from either listing?

6. Many directory services have United States listings, but not all search for international addresses. Go to the following sites and check to see if international listings are available.

7. Go to InfoSpace at

8. Go to WhoWhere? at and click on the Yellow Pages link. Find the address and phone number for the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Print a map. How does this map compare to what you found at InfoSpace? Get driving directions from your location to the museum