GS 318



Course Description:


The development of world civilizations from around 1500 until the present. The rise of the Western and Eastern civilizations. The effect of world rivalries in the emergence of nation-states. The role of social changes, intellectual thoughts, cultural perspective and religions in shaping the development of the recent world civilization.


Textbook: Adler and Pouwels, World Civilizations, vol. II, since 1500, 6th ed., Wadsworth Publishing, 2007.

Instruction Method/Mode of Delivery:

Lectures, discussion, videotapes


Student Requirements:

Regular attendance, note-taking, participation.


Assessment Method:

Exams, quizes, and brief papers and presentation

Office Hours:

Office No. 233 B. 17

Office time: Saturday, Monday and Wednesday from 12- 1 pm

Grading Scale and Policies: 

1-    Quizzes: 15%

There will be 3 quizzes every four weeks covered the chapters already study.

2-    Participation:  5%


Students are expected to have read the material and be prepared to discuss it in class that day.  Students are to be to class on time and stay on task with the day’s assignment. 

3-    Attendance: 5%

Each student is expected to attend every class session and be on time.  If for any reason a student must be absent from class, the responsibility of making up work rests entirely upon the student. Students are expected to contact the instructor AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if an absence will result in missing an exam.


4-    Presentation: 5%

Each student should deliver a presentation on the topic assigned at the beginning of the term on schedule.


5-    Exams:

Mid term 1: 20%

Mid term 2: 20%

Final exam: 30%

Tentative Course schedule















Week 1



Week 2




A Larger World Opens



Religious Divisions




Adler, Vol. II, Ch. 22



Adler, Vol. II, Ch. 23





Week 3

Asia Empires

Adler, Vol. II, Ch. 24




Week 4



Scientific Revolution

Quiz 1



Adler, Vol. II, Ch. 29




Week 5







Adler, Vol. II, Ch. 30






Week 6





French Revolution





Adler, Vol. II, Ch. 31




Week 7



Industrial Revolution

Advanced industrial

First Exam March 11 6:00 pm



Adler, Vol. II, Ch. 32

Adler, Vol. II, Ch. 33




Week 8


New Ideas


Adler, Vol. II, Ch. 34




Week 9

Quiz 2



The Islamic World




Adler, Vol. II, Ch. 35




Week 10




 World War I




Adler, Vol. II, Ch. 41





Week 11




Europe in Twenties








Adler, Vol. II, Ch. 42




Week 12


The Soviet

Second Exam April 22

6:00 pm


Adler, Vol. II, Ch. 43



Week 13






Adler, Vol. II, Ch. 44




Week 14

Quiz 3



World War II





Adler, Vol. II, Ch. 46



Week 15                          The Cold War



                        Adler, Vol. II, Ch. 47






Week 16                        Final Exam

                 Thursday May 23, 2013  7:00 PM  


For power point and discussion see the course Black Board