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I have earned my Ph.D. from Department of Economics at Colorado State University and I earned my M.Sc. degree in Economics from Texas A&M University-College Station. I have gained considerable teaching experience as an instructor for both the Department of Finance and Real Estate and Department of Economics at Colorado State University, as an assistant professor at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and as assistant professor at KFUPM. I believe that a key element in teaching is to identify processes that enhance student's learning by using a mixture of logical clarity, applicability, and active learning inside and outside the classroom. Understanding the way businesses work and how economics thoughts and quantitative methods are related to daily activities is an important indicator of student success. To this end, I strive to create a learning environment in the classroom that encourages critical thinking, free sharing of ideas, and constructive feedback. My teaching effectiveness is supported by excellent evaluations by both faculty supervisors and students. This teaching philosophy is supported by my research agenda which can be framed within the fields of Financial Econometrics, Financial Markets, Macroeconomics, International Finance and General Equilibrium Analysis