Week 11

  1. Is there enough evidence of such theory other than the ones related to the San Andrea’s fault ?

  2. Would it matter if the earthquake is a long a strike-slip fault formation or underneath a convergent zone?

  3. Could this production be the next forecast after the daily news, next to weather forecast? 

  4. What happen when the shear stress exceeds the frictional resistance on the fault or when the stress pressing the two sides of the fault?

  5. Explain how come in Turkey and in southern California that even tiny stress changes can have momentous effects, both calming and catastrophic?

  6. What the author and his colleagues observe after mapping the locations of Landers, Big Bear and hundreds of other California earthquakes?

  7. Are earthquakes the only mechanism in which stresses are generated and released ?

  8. Could we estimate the stresses in the earth accurately? In other words, how accurate is the “Coulomd stress change” map that the author presented in his paper? Are they accurate enough for the purpose of earthquake forecasting ?

  9. What is the capital of Turkey?

  10. Explain how aftershocks generated in North America as per the author interpretation?

  11. What is the renewal probability forecast?

  12. What is main aspect of the author’s forecast method?

Questions or Comments?
Dr. Ali O. Oncel