Paper Presentation: Each student is required to  present three 20-30 minute presentations of recent papers, followed by discussion The goal of reading assignment presentation is to develop of student skills in scientific communications since one of the most obvious skill for students is to develop experience for the public speaking  and have  familiarization with the latest scientific results.  One week prior to your scheduled presentation, you should provide the class a copy of presenting journal article which will serve as the basis of discussion during/after your presentation.  The three presentation will be based on each step of preparing term projects as:

 Before your class presentation, ask your classmates to practice your talk to have a feedback and prepare yourself for potential class questions which provide a good basis for class discussion of the paper and related areas, as expected each students are supposed to prepare in asking minimum 2-3 questions. Provide the class slides of  your presentation during the day of your presentation,   Participate by reading the papers provided and prepare yourself to discuss the topics during class. Each student before the paper presentation is expected to read paper and bringing prepared questions together with a written short summary of nearly 100 words.  See the Paper Presentation Grade Sheet.