Geophysics Seminar Geop405-Spring 2007

Instructor: Dr. Ali O.Oncel

Earth Sciences Department-KFUPM, Location: Structural Lab, Bld.26; Saturday:2.15 AM


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Objective: This is a one hour course, enrolled student might put an effort to increase the ability of presenting a topic which is selected under the class based project in title "Recent Advances in Applied Seismology".  This is an open-end title and such project can provide students to have a flexibility regarding paper source in the area of seismology.  Present course aiming enrolled students to strength influencing to some of conducted works to present a weekly short presentation (about 5 minutes).

Outcome: 1) Weekly based presentation might students to upgrade himself in the way of gaining a self-confident during the time of presentation.  Weekly short presentation might provide a base for a discussion between instructor and students towards a class purpose to have students have a professionally presentation.  Students are expected to observe a progress on themselves in presenting something better in the end of semester compare to their initial position at the beginning of semester.  Finally, the outcome of this course is to give students an understanding on seminar based on a figurative talking rather than loudly reading. 2) Students should increase reading experiences and social environment in his field.

Suggested sources: Any students are free to find a source of their presentation but this course propose some sources for students to save their time and make a regulation to have them to find them a way to engage to a wider range in the field of applied seismology.  For example, they are asked to read some of papers regarding "Exploration, Data Acquisition, Data Processing and Data Interpretation".   Then, they will prepare a weekly presentation of (5+2 minutes) and generally merge their slides to reach a final perspective based on class based project title.

Provided Source: An exampled template is given to students to have a perspective to have a perspective for making a configuration of their presentation.  A good guideline for presenter which is provided for short presentations and expanded abstract by American Geophysical Union).  Please also see ABSTRACT TEMPLATE.

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