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I appreciate very much to my colleagues they provided their comments and suggestions during the preparation of Field Seismology Course.


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OK- The course is OUTSTANDING- 
I see you are making good use of Satish's papers- He is state-of-the-Art so that is good...
What type of seismic system are you using?
Can you get ARAMCO to let your class observe some of their seismic reflection surveys?
Some of the UP&M grads work in Exploration.


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Dear Ali


I took a quick look and it looks very good.




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Hi Ali-

I've made a few comments below. Looks like an interesting course. Best of luck with it.

Best wishes-
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Hi Ali, this looks like an excellent course outline - I'm sure this material will be of great benefit to students.

with regards,



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Dear Ali,

This looks like a very good introduction to field seismology, with an  appropriate emphasis on analysis of the data that you collect. I have forwarded the link to faculty members from several IRIS-member universities in the US who may have time to offer you more concrete 

Best regards,
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Dear Ali:

Ray asked me to have a look at your syllabus for a field seismology class. Offering this class is a very innovative idea. Your syllabus certainly covers all of the techniques. It is very ambitious, and I might suggest that you stick to reflection, refraction, and earthquake recording the first time you offer it to see how fast the  students can move through the data processing and interpretation.

I would like to hear how things work out. Your class has given me 
food for though for our program.

Best regards,  Randy

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