I maintain a wide range of research interests including reservoir characterization, basin analysis, provenance, diagenesis, and biomarker applications hydrocarbon source bed study. In addition, he has conducted research involving heavy, and clay minerals. I served as the national Vice President of the SEPM (Evaporite Research Group) in 1990-91. Up to now, I have authored a total of fifty (50) technical papers and abstracts published in different journals including Sedimentary Geology, Carbonates and Evaporites, Journal of Petroleum Geology, Marine and Petroleum Geology, AAPG Bulletin, and SEPM Special Publication.


Jabal Al Qarah Cave Systems, Hofuf

Framework & Heavy Minerals in the Wajid Sandstone, Abha _ Khamis Mushyt

The Origin of Ironstones in the Wajid Sandstone

Neural Network-Based Porosity Measurements for the Unayzah Sandstone, Ghawar Field

Water Pollution at the Al Fahdli Irrigation Project, Al Fahdili

Trace Element Chemistry of the Wajid, Saq and Kahfah

Quaternary Eeolianite in Dammam area, eastern Province, Saudi Arabia