Miocene Research Program - MRP





The Miocene Research Program MRP is a joint teaching and research program designed by several KFUPM-ESD faculties and expert professionals from Saudi Aramco. The main purpose of this program is to establish the main stratigraphic, structural and depositional settings of the Miocene succession in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia as well as to provide an excellent teaching and training platforms for both KFUPM students and Saudi Aramco employees. Since the Miocene succession in the Eastern Province has low petroleum potential, it has not been studied in details. This program tends to bring to light the detail description and complete analysis of the sequence stratigraphy, structural geology, sedimentology and mineralogy of the succession.

The MRP members conducted several field trips where the Jabl al Lidam (70km off Dammam-Riyadh road) locality (lat 260 2142N., long 490 27 42 E.) has been chosen to start the research program because it easy to access and it contains very well exposed Middle Miocene outcrops.

The program is lead by Dr. Aus Al-Tawil from Saudi Aramco and coordinated by Dr. Abdulrahman Jarad from KFUPM-ESD. So far, four graduate students are working on the sequences stratigraphy, petrophysics and sedimentology of the Dam Formation at Jabal al Lidam area.