Dr. Giulio Vignoli
Assistant Professor
gvignoli@kfupm.edu.sa    Office: 15/3118
Phone: 966 3 8607176
Mail Address
KFUPM/ Earth Sciences Department
PO BOX 2023, Dhahran 31261
Saudi Arabia

Research Interests:
    Near-Surface Geophysics
    Surface Waves Methods
    Inversion Theory

GEOP-515 Geophysical Inversion
    GEOP-478 Data Inversion in Geophysics

Selected Publications:
Michal Zhdanov, Giulio Vignoli, Takumi Ueda, 2006. Sharp boundary inversion in crosswell travel-time tomography: Journal of Geophysics and Engineering, 3, 122-134.

Giulio Vignoli, Giorgio Cassiani, 2009. Identification of lateral discontinuities via multi-offset phase analysis of surface wave data: Geophysical Prospecting, 58, 389-413.

Micol Mastrocicco, Giulio Vignoli, Nicolo Colombani, Nasser Abu Zeid, 2009. Surface electrical resistivity tomography and hydrogeological characterization to constrain groundwater flow modeling in an agricultural field site near Ferrara (Italy): Environ. Earth Sci., 61, 311-322

Vignoli Giulio, Claudio Strobbia, Giorgio Cassiani, Peter Vermeer, 2011. Statistical multi-offset phase analysis (sMOPA) for surface wave processing in laterally varying media: Geophysics, 76, U1-U11.

Jacopo Boaga, Giulio Vignoli, Giorgio Cassiani, 2011. Shear wave profiles from surface wave inversion: the impact of uncertainty onto seismic site response analysis: Journal of Geophysics and Engineering, 3, 122-134.

Giulio Vignoli, R. Deiana, and G. Cassiani, 2011, focused inversion of vertical radar profile (vrp) travel-time data, Geophysics. In press.

Jacopo Boaga, Stefano Renzi, Giulio Vignoli, Rita Deiana, and Giorgio Cassiani, 2012, from surface wave inversion to seismic site response prediction: beyond the 1d approach, Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering  . In press.