Abdulwahab A. Abokhodair





Saudi Aramco, The Geophysical Technology Division.


Department of Water & Sewage, Al-Madenah Al-Munawarah.


Department of Environmental Health, Municipality of Dammam.


Deputy Ministry of Mineral Resources.


Paleomagnetic investigation of central Harrat Rahat.

Generalized Least Squares and the Computation of Paleointensity Estimates.

The Principal Arabian Transect.

Rockmagnetism of Al-Harrat Volcanic Fields.


Saudi Society of Earth Sciences

Vice Chairman
Dhahran Geological Society Board Member
American Geophysical Union Member
Society of Exploration Geophysicists Member


Corrective action and remediation study of the west Dammam landfill.

Harrat Rahat Groundwater Potential, Department of Water & Sewage, Al-Medinah.

Geostatistical and Geophysical Evaluation of some Sulfide Deposits in Saudi Arabia;

A. Abokhodair, Principal Investigator, King Abdelaziz city for Sci­ence and Technology, 1985-1986, (five volumes)

A paleomagnetic Investigation of AI-Harrat in AI-Madenah Quadrangle; A. Abokhodair, Principal
Investigator, King Abdelaziz city for Science and Technology, 1985-1986 (three volumes)

Gravity & Magnetic Interpretation System (GMIS); A report on the algorithms and performance
geophysical interpretation computer system, Geophysical Technical Services, Exploration
Department, Saudi Aramco.

3D Gravity modeling at Alwajh South; A. Abokhodair, a report to the Chief Geophysicist, Geophysical Technology Division, Exploration Department, Saudi Aramco, 1993.


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