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EE Dept
Signals and Systems
Circuit Analysis


Here you find samples of my research activities:

  • Telecommunications Systems
[1] A. U. H. Sheikh, T. Wan, S. Z. Alakhdhar, I. Lambadaris 
and M. Devetsikiotis, "Performance Analysis of Buffered
 R-ALOHA Systems Using Tagged User Approach (TUA)", Computer
 Networks, Elsevier Publishing, vol. 27, no. 3, pp. 131-150, April 2004
[2] Tao Wan, Asrar Shaikh, and Zaki Al-akhdhar "A Unified Approach
 to Analyze Multiple Access Protocols for Buffered Finite Users", Computer
 Networks, Elsevier Publishing, vol. 27, no. 1, pp. 47-76, 2004.
  • Nondestructive Testing
[1] A. Yamani, Z. Alakhdhar, "A Novel Technique for Defects Classification
 From Their Ultrasonic Pulse Echoes", Book Chapter, NATO International 
Conference of Advances in Signal Processing Applied to
 NDT, Quebec, Canada, August  17-20,1993.
  • Neural Networks
[1] Al Ali A. A., Alakhdhar, S. Z., and Al Baiyat, A. A, "Neural  Network
 Implementation Using Microprocessor Based Systems",   The Second ICARV
 Proceedings, Singapore, Sept. 16, 1992, pp. NW  1.5.1 1.5.3 
  • Book Chapters
A.Yamani, and S.Z. Alakhdhar, "A Novel technique for Defect classification
 from their Ultrasonic Returns" , in Advances in Signal Processing for NDT,
 NATO Series E: Applied Sciences, vol. 262, Kluwer Academic
 Publisher, pp. 371-384, 1994. 
  • Thesis Committees
[1] Fahhad, H. Al-Harbi, "Implemnatation of a Full-Vectorial Method of 
Lines Analysis in The Study of Metal-Clad Rib Waveguide", MS. Thesis, EE 
Dept, Nov., 2000
[2] Mohammed Abdul Moid, "Design of Bandlimited Energy Optimization
 Data Transmission Filter", MS. Thesis, EE Dept,December 1997
[3] Osama, A. Ahmed, "Appliaction of Artificial Neural Networks
 to Optical Character Recognition", MS. Thesis, EE Dept, June, 1994
[4] Mohammad S. Akhtar, "Performance of Multistage Interconnection
 Networks Under Non-Uniform Reference Model", MS. Thesis, EE 
Dept,Jan. 1992
[5] Mohammad, W. Akhtar, "Towards An Optimal Accumulator
 Size for The Hough Transform", MS. Thesis, EE Dept,Aug. 1991
[6] Mohammad Alimuddin, "Pattern Matching and Applications", 
MS. Thesis, EE Dept,Oct. 1990
[7] Abdul Malik Khan, "Fourier Descriptor Approach for Defect
 Analysis in Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation", MS. Thesis, EE Dept.
 KFUPM. June 1994
[8] Faud Alsaif, "A Microcontroller-Based Self Adjusting Tap 
Changer Transformer", MS. Thesis, EE Dept, KFUPM, 1994.
[9] M. Ahsan, "Architecture For Arithmetic Operations in Golois 
Fields GF(2M)", MS. Thesis, EE Dept. KFUPM, 1994
[10] M. A. Sayani, "Associative Memory Neural Networks for
 Error Correction of Linear Block Codes", MS. Thesis, EE Dept, 1995
[11] Mohammed Akhtar, "Performance of Multistage Interconnection
 Networks Under Non-Uniform Reference Model", MS. Thesis,
 EE Dept. KFUPM, 1992
[12] "Multichannel Power  Spectrum  Estimation: An Optimal
 Hankel Approach".  MSc. Thesis, EE Dept. KFUPM, 1991
  • Consultations

For IT Department in Saudi Aramco in 2001

  • Technical Reviews

Many in national and international journal