- Other Teaching Activities :

• Supervision and examination of the Cooperative program students (11 students).

• Supervision and examination of Summer Training program students (14 students).

• Coordinator of the Summer Training Program at the Electrical Engineering Department (160 students).

- Course Development :

I introduced and offered an elective course at the Electrical Engineering Department which is being offered for the third time so far. It is a special topic course named as EE-499 Introduction to Digital Image Processing. The course is now proposed to be a permanent one at the department as a result of the students’ recommendations.

- Short Courses :

Participated as a course coordinator and in the instruction of a short course titled “Recent Applications in Communications”, 24-28 April, 1999.

- Academic Advising :

Provided academic and advising of undergraduate and graduate students (about 30 students per semester). In addition, offered help and support to students who have personal difficulties.

- Technical Seminars :

Some of the technical seminars delivered:

1- “Image Identification and Restoration Based on Continuous Spatial Domain”, Electrical Engineering Department, KFUPM, 1997.

2- “Effective Course Planning and Design for Maximum Success”, Electrical Engineering Department, KFUPM, 1997.

3- “The Future and Impact of Telecommunication”, KFUPM, 1997.

4- “Improving College Teaching”, Electrical Engineering Department, KFUPM, 1997.

5- “Video Teleconferencing Technology”, Physics Department, KFUPM, 1999.

6- “Videoconferencing Technology and the Internet”, Electrical Engineering Department, KFUPM, 1999.

7- “Videoconferencing Technology and the Internet”, 16th Annual Computer, Communication & Office Technology Exhibition, Dammam, 1999.






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