- Research Interests :

• Digital image processing: restoration, identification, multichannel processing, compression and coding, analysis, multimedia and video-conferencing applications. Computer vision: Recognition and analysis

- Publications :

1- O. Al-Suwailem,  “KFUPM Experience in the Cooperative Program”, The 13th World Conference on Cooperative Education, WACE, August 2003.

2- O. Al-Suwailem,  “Factors Contributing to the Success of Cooperative Program”, Proceedings of Academic Development Center Discussion Forum on "Enhancing Student Learning at KFUPM", KFUPM, Dhahran,  April 30, 2002.

3- O. Al-Suwailem,  “The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Examination: The First Step for the Professional Licensing”, Proceedings of Symposium on: Certification of Practicing Engineers in Saudi Arabia: Issues & Challenges, KFUPM, Dhahran,  April 30, 2002.

4- Al-Suwailem, Omar “ The use of Image Processing Techniques in Hajj”, The Grand Scientific Symposium on Hajj, Makkah, 2002.

5- O. Al-Suwailem,  “Maximum Likelihood Based Blur Identification And Restoration Of Multichannel Images”, The 2001 International Conference on Imaging Science, Systems, and Technology (CISST'2001), Las Vegas, Nevada, June 25-28, 2001.

6- S. Said, H. Al-Ghahtani, and O. Al-Suwailem,  “The value of Cooperative Education in Engineering Education”, Saudi Symp. on the Development of Engineering Education, Jeddah, K.A. University, Feb. 2001.

7- O. Al-Suwailem,  “KFUPM Contribution to the Saudi National Workforce”, Second Annual Saudisation Conf., Jeddah, Feb. 2001.

8- Suhail, M., Al-Suwailem, Omar, and Mohandes, M. “Multilayer Neural Network Based Image Compression”, IASTED International Conference on MODELING AND SIMULATION, 1999 

9- Al-Suwailem, Omar and Keller, J., “ Multi-channel Image Identification and Restoration Using Continuous Spatial Domain Modeling”, IEEE Intl. Conf. On Image Processing, Santa Barbara, California, USA, Oct. 1997.

10- Al-Suwailem, Omar, “ Color Image Restoration and Identification”, 15th National Computer Conference, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, November 1997

11- Shehadah,N., and Al-Suwailem, Omar, M. Dawood, T. Halawani “Bit-Error Probability for Multipath Fading Channels”, 1986 IASTED Conference, Vancouver, Canada, 1986.

- Thesis & Dissertation Topics :

1- Al-Suwailem, Umar, “Continuous Spatial Domain Image Identification and Restoration with Multichannel Applications”, Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Missouri, Columbia, USA, 1996.

2- Al-Suwailem, Umar, “Bit-Error Probability for Multipath Fading Channels with Intersymbol Interference”, M.Sc. Thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, 1985.

Thesis Supervision

1- Shajee, Mir Ahmad, “Improved Quantization of DCT Based Compression Algorithms for Video Teleconferencing Applications”, M.Sc.-EE, KFUPM, 1998, as a committee member.

2- Al-Regib, G., “Secure Transmission of MPEG-Compressed Digital Video Sequences”, M.Sc.-EE, KFUPM, 1998, as a committee member.

3- Quddus, A., “Curvature Analysis Using Multiresolution Techniques”, Ph.D.-EE, KFUPM, 1998, as a committee member.

4- Bashar, Abul, “On the Performance of Turbo Codes over Rayleigh Fading Channels” , M.Sc. –EE, KFUPM, 1998, as a committee member.

5- Al-Ghadhban, Samir, “I-Q  QAM TCM Over Frequency Selective Fading Channels” , M.Sc. –EE, KFUPM, .

6- Mohammad Kashif, “Decision Feedback Equalization Using Hybrid Lattice-Neural Networks Structures” , M.Sc. –EE, KFUPM, .

7- Khene, Faouzi, “Seismic Compression through Fast Wavelet Transforms”, Ph.D.-EE, KFUPM, .

8- Muhammad Moinuddin, “Normalized Time-Varying Mixed Norm LMS-LMF Adaptive Algorithms” , M.Sc. –EE, KFUPM, .

9- Wail A. Mousa. “Entropy-constrained Reflected Residual Vector Quantaization with Application to Image Coding” , M.Sc. –EE, KFUPM, 3.

10- Mohammad Suhail, “Digital Watermarking Techniques in image Processing”, Ph.D.-EE, KFUPM, undergoing.




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