Research Activities

My research interests span different areas in wireless communication systems and networks,  such as coded modulation, speech/image and video transmission, random access,  information  theoretical aspects and data security. 

I have been working as a Center Director in the Research Institute since September 1997. During the first year, my efforts have focused on restructuring the activities of the Development and Manufacturing Center. Since the establishment of the Center for Communications and Computer Research in May 1998, different research groups within the center have been established, developed and supported. My responsibilities as a center Director are

  • Identify potentially marketable  research areas.
  • Develop new research areas and facilities.
  • Manage more than 10 highly qualified and experienced researchers.
  • Oversee the management and successful execution of research projects
  • Attract new research funding

These efforts in addition to the efforts of the center members have resulted in research funding of more than SR 4 million.  

In addition, I have been leading an active group of graduate students to work on different  research topics. I supervised  7 M.Sc. students. Moreover,  I  was a thesis committee member of 16 M. Sc. Students.

Research Projects

*       Project Manager, Radiowave Propagation for Gulf Region, client-funded project (October 2001-February 2004).

*       Memberr, Consultations and Studies  in Information Technology, client-funded project (December 2000-December 2002).

*       Co-Investigator, Punctured Turbo Codes for Hybrid ARQ Schemes, University funded project, (December 2000 February 2002).

*       Principal Investigator, Design and Analysis of Space-Time Codes for Rapid Fading Channels, University funded project, (December 2000 October 2001).

*     Member, Network Firewall Technologies Research, client-funded project (September 1999 March 2000).

*      Principal Investigator, Study and Analysis of Access Protocols in Wireless Environments, KACST LG project, (July 1998 June 1999).

*        Member, Development of Encryption based Security Systems for Computer, Communication and Smart-Card based Access Control Applications, KFUPM RI internal project, (September 1996 September 1999).