• Research Interests:

    - Radiation Therapy Physics: Currently working on MCNP simulation of a linear accelerator used to compare the doses in a VHP using MonteCarlo and commercial treatment planning system

    - Sign Language Recognition: This is the topic of my master thesis and is done using an instrumented glove.


        a. Feature Extraction: There are many techniques used for feature extraction and one of them is

        The Principal Components Analysis. (Download here PCA  MATLAB code)

         -Neural Networks: Is used for pattern classification and feature extraction. It can be used for Sign Language Recognition.

          -Image Processing: It includes many areas and the course of EE 410 DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING offered

           by the department is a good introduction to the field.

  • Sports

    -Football: Played in Khaleej club, and still playing football regularly

                    Playing in KFUPM University Team Term 041 2004-2005

    -Athletics: Played in Khaleej club.

  • Other Favorites: This includes many activities like setting with friends and family, computer applications and the internet, watching movies, traveling and many other activities.