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Sponsored Research

  • "Control of HVDC Links in Power Systems". Research Sponsored by the K.F. University of Petroleum and Minerals. Duration of project: March 1981 - February 1983 (SR 147,000.00).

  • "Control Design for Large Power Systems: A Case Study on SCECO East". A Saudi Arabian National Center for Science & Technology (SANCST) Project, July 1982 - June 1984 (SR 293,000.00).

  • "Feasibility Study for Interconnection of Arabian Gulf States Electrical Power Systems". Project Sponsored by Gulf Co-operation Council, 1984 -1986 (SR. 5000,000.00).

  • "A Master Plan Study of Saudi Arabia's Extra High Voltage Transmission Requirements". Saudi Arabian National Center for Science & Technology (SANCST) Project, 1984 -1985 (SR. 1,800,000.00).

  • “Robust Shunt Connected FACTS Devices for Power System Damping Improvement”, Research sponsored by K.F University of Petroleum & Minerals. December 2002- May 2004, (SR. 77,500.00).

  • “Voltage Unbalance: Causes, Effects and Mitigation Techniques”, Sponsored by Saudi Electric Company, Feb 2003- Dec 2004, (SR850,886.00).

  • “Self-Tuning Adaptive Stabilizer for a Unified Power Flow Controller”, Research sponsored by K.F. University of Petroleum & Minerals. September 2005- January 2007 (SR. 66,500.00).

  • “Online Course for EE 205: Electrical Circuits II”, Project Sponsored by Deanship of Academic Development, KFUPM, June 2005-June 2006 (SR 80,000.00).

  • “Investigation of Voltage Unbalance and Harmonics on Transmission Networks”, KFUPM RI project Sponsored by Saudi Electric Company, Feb 2006- June 2007 (SR600,000.00)

  • “Development of Electricity Generation & Transmission Plan (EGTP)”, Sponsored by Ministry of Water & Electricity (SR 7,000,103.00).

  • “Dynamic Analysis and Control Design of a Wind Turbine Induction Generator Unit”, KFUPM SABIC/Fast Track Research Grant (SR 65,800.00). 

  • “The Impact of Wind Turbine & Photovoltaic Systems on Electrical Grid”, Center of Excellence on Renewable Energy, KFUPM, Sept. 2008 –June 2010  (SR 1,541,400.00)

  • "Control of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Based Wind Generation Systems”, KFUPM Fast Track/ SABIC Grant, Sept 2008- March 2010 ( SR67,600).

  • “Static Synchronous Compensator Based Stabilizer Design and Implementation”, KFUPM Internally Funded Project, March 2009-February 1012 (SR779,880).




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