Teacher's Evaluation

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Weighted Mean is : 8.55
Report Type:
QIDQuestionABCDENAMean ValueweightWeighted MeanStdVar
1Comes to class on schedule time.10510009.13545.6318.74.32
2Ends Lecture on schedule time.6720108.13540.639.73.11
3Comes prepared for the class.8611008.6386912.73.56
4States objectives of each class session.7720008.6386912.73.56
5Speak clearly.6532007.881078.755.72.39
6Gives homework assignments that help in understanding the material and/or stimulate me and make me t8501118.4108411.53.39
7Present and explain material of course clearly with example.10402008.751087.517.24.15
8Encourage student participation in class.8430108.258669.73.11
9Uses educational aids for demonstration. e.g. (blackboard, transparencies, models, etc).12400009.5109527.25.22
10Uses technology to improve communication and interaction with the students (discussion, mail, chat, 13300009.631096.2531.75.63
11Is concerned about the student understanding?7621008.388679.73.11
12Respond to question in classes.7611018.53651.210.53.24
13Creates an atmosphere in the class which promoted students learning.7531008.251082.58.22.86
14Made me learn good amount of knowledge in the cuorse subject.8421108.131081.258.72.95
15Provides useful handouts that supliments (but not replace) the textbook.831211810808.52.92
16Motivate students in all work related tothe course.8421108.13648.758.72.95
17Is available during office hours.9310039.23873.8514.33.78
18Has good presentation, communication, and delivery skills.6620118.13648.882.83
19Grade and returns exams and other assignments (if applicable) in a reasonable period time.11410009.25546.2521.74.66
20Has good presentation, communication & delivery skills.7430118.131081.337.52.74
21Uses Computer (homepage, e-mail,presentation, etc) in the course.13300009.631096.2531.75.63
22Is well organized in class.7720008.631086.2512.73.56
23Stimulates the students and helps them in delevoping intellectual skills such as critical and indepe11310019.331093.3321.54.64
24Is fair with the students (grading, treatment, respect, answering questions, etc).7530108.131081.258.22.86
25Respect the students and their opinion & viewpoints.7341107.751077.56.22.49
25Respect the students and their opinion & viewpoints.563101810806.52.55
27Provide syllabus that contained important information such as grading policy, schedule of lectures a9601008.881088.7516.74.09
28Overall rating of the instructor.5821008.131081.2510.73.27