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CA201-01: About the course: it’s not a good course in this college , everyone know everything about word. I think that the college they should change this course and put something new and good. About me: I didn’take any benefit from this course . About you: you are strong about the time and, you are good In the class, and in the office hour and you should change your behavior about the time that’s it.
CA201-01: Word course was a good course in this semester because it was kind of easy course. we did things in lab where they were very helpful in learning word, but still a problem that the teacher gives us lots of homeworks we couldn't solve it in a short time. lectures were good for learning word, and also quizes and outside exercises. Majors were kind of difficult majors for an easy course.
CA201-01: I learned in this course alot of information about word , and in Microsoft Office Word helps me produce professional-looking documents by providing a comprehensive set of tools for creating and formatting my document in the new Microsoft Office Fluent user interface. Rich review, commenting, and comparison capabilities help me quickly gather and manage feedback from colleagues. Advanced data integration ensures that documents stay connected to important sources of business information. it is not difficult for learning to write a documents. and you are available during office hours and online.
CA201-01: This course was go to these semester to learn how we can use the world create the good document. I learn something in this course I do not know about it in the past. The teacher learn me how I can use the something I don't know how I use it to modify my document and how I make my document to don’t change it for anther one except me and the anther one her gist see it. The class I take this course on it, is good to take the class and take the new something on the world.
CA201-01: I think that course has some benfits but for IT spclist how are trying to find high vlaue in the market not only that coures but also all office courses they useful for low level but for high level it is wast of time, if you can change it with network, progaraming or servers it wiil allowe us to find great place in the market. After all I have realy learned how to use word more effecint then any time before. The techer is very good but he need to control the class may be get noisy student out of class and find also cheeter more then before.
CA201-01: The course 201 was very useful in my opinion. I have learned many new things and skills which help me a lot in Microsoft Office Word program. The class was nice and it helped us to get knowledge clearly from this course. Also, the lap was useful to practice the lessons. Generally, the book was good and it has good exercises to clearly get the aim of the course. About the teacher Mr. Tariq Aziz, I think he was good teacher and he did well in this course in my opinion even we were expecting more form the teacher. Finally, I think that the course was very useful to me to learn many skills in Microsoft Office Word program and I hope that will help me with my job in the future.
CA201-01: I have one suggestion that is the book is very old and is very boring and long. they most change the book and bring a new one has a good information. The teacher is very good i don't have any thing about him About myself, I have learned a lot of things.
First think I will talk about it the Book . It hasn't any important information it's only how to Justify, Center, Italice the words. Secondly, the book doesn't have color and pictures same as other book's. Finally, I get understand a lot of information in this course and I'm really improved in Microsoft Office Word 2003. But when we are thinking we are in 2008 and we still learn and study the Microsoft Office 2003 that's what make us too latest.
CA201-01: About this cores, It was not good cores because we know word when I was chilled , and there is no important new information , all the information was about some thing we will never use it in ore life , and in this cores we had to save so information that are not important like when we save how to open file in 3 or 4 deferent way “it is not necessary, if I know one way that is enough” , and there is some question that the teacher ask the student that he must not ask him like when he ask as “ Tell me from were can I find some thing in word that I can’t remember it with out my computer “.
CA201-01: in my personal opinion this course shouldnt be taken as a primary course in the computer applications cirriculam. it should be an elective course. learning this course cannot be that useful to us because any one can learn how to use microsoft word on his own without having to take it as a course. i think it is a good idea to combine all the microsoft office programs into one course.
CA201-01: at the begining of the semister i was like "why the hell do i study word?!" since i and most of the student know how to use word. But when i took this coures i really learnd alot of things i didnt expect, it's like it increased my knowledge from 55% to 97%. Also the way you tought us was helping making things easy and clear (using projectors to visually show us how to do the activities in the book was perfect!).
I get the same benfite from the word coures,but this coures is not necassaey now in the life.This coures is not my aim in the computer l like to learn more about "IT" or programming.The course was simple coures. The teaher was respect the students and their opinion and viewpoints and his also fair with the students and recpected them.In my opinion they should change the word course Because no bady needed the word now the market needed for example the programming and also "IT" something like that they don't need the Micrsoft office Finally i wish good lcuk for every baody.
CA201-01: this course was v.easy and no need to take it as a one course then spend one semester on it. i learned many new and important things with the help of mr.tariq aziz which is important in our life and work Environment. the way of teaching is important in this course it can make it very Bored or make the sutdents beeing Exciting to learn more about this course and mr.tariq use the way Exciting way . that my Opinion about the course and the teacher.
CA201-01: First when i heard that I'll have this course i was laughing because it's easy and silly but then i realized that this course is so useful to me. I even started to help my family in making documents. what i dislike in this course is that the homeworks sometime are not related to the course and it will take alot of time to find one answer. homeworks should be easier and much shorter than these.
CA201-01: I was think the course will be poor and doesn't have new information but I was wrong and all the information is new. My suggestion is all the lecture must be in lab because thier is nothing we can do in class and every thing the instructor siad we should check it lab why we don't check it in first time.
CA201-01: At the first, I was thinking bout this subject is the easiest, whether I study or not, but after I faced the first major and first lab it was different and difficult world, and then I decide to work harder and harder and harder. I have one suggestion that to make any class of the word in the lab. About the teacher he was HARED WORKER and TOUGHEST teacher and his homewor i didn't know from where he bring it.