OPSS 1 today





Here is what you will do:


1.  Your name will be called.


2.  Come to front of room.  Use proper Proxemics, close to audience.


3. Introduce yourself by name, then grabber opening, then say your transition words.


4. Say your topic & purpose, so we can check if your grabber is appropriate.


5.  Wait for feedback.


6.  Return to your seat.




1.Video Clips

are here.


2. Click on CONTENT.

3. Then, click on link for Unit I.

4. After the flash introduction, click on the circle for Unit I.

5.  click on the link for STEP 6. (you will see the links for the video clips)


Say both


OPSS 1 (grabber




Remember, that it is more professional on


-- Keep eye contact with audience, say transition



Look at this link

Go to Unit I.

You will see short

video clips about making presentations

(grabber, transition, pointing, and other skills)