Study Materials

Lets Get Started!

This section has most of the reading that will help you get through this course.

The main areas we will be covering is the basic concepts of criminal law and why we have this system in place. First lets get the class started by posting a "I understand" message to the rules and conditions of using the discussion forums and internet.

After that, you are required to post questions you have for the police, who then come to visit us with the answers to your questions.

When you have finished this second Activity, please go to the next one, find out your learning style. It is directly below the questions for police activity.

You can go to the Activities link (also above) any time as a convenient way to access the different activities. They will also be imbedded between the study materials, like so:

Orientation 1.1

If you haven't already done so, after reading the rules and conditions, please post an "I understand" message to the appropriate section in the disscussion forums. Details in the Discussion Board link above.

Orientation 1.2

Please go to the the activities link and post your questions to the police on the discussion board. I have organised headings for you to post questions in the discussion board based on the brainstorming we did in class.

Orientation 1.3

Find out your learning style.

These are orientation activities so you can familiarise yourself with how to use the discussion forums and this website. Don't worry I will be in class with you for these activities, and it is likely that you can finish the mojority of internet based work in the computer labs, as I have booked the labs for the whole semester.

Please go to Module 1 after you have finished these activites.