Editorial and Reviewing Activity

Editorial board member for:
International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems

Technical Program Committee member for the following conferences:

Served as a reviewer for the following Journals:
IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
    IEEE Transactions on Computers
    Elsevier International Journal of Network and Computer Applications
    Wiley Journal of Security and Communication Networks
    Arabian Journal of Science and Engineering
    Journal of Medical Systems
    Inderscience Intl' Journal of Bio-inspired Computation

Served as a reviewer for the following conferences:
    IEEE ICAV 2010
    IEEE GCC Conference - 2010
    IEEE IJCNN - 2010
    ICCSIT - 2010
    IEEE ICONIP - 2012
    IEEE ICC - 2012
    IEEE Intl' Workshop. on Security for e-Science and e-Research - 2012
    IEEE Trustcom - 2011