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Authors: Dr. L.S. “Skip” Fletcher
Regents Professor Emeritus, Thomas A. Dietz Professor Emeritus, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas 77843-3123 USA

Abstract- The significant involvement of engineers in the development of new technologies and the impact of these technologies on the global economy suggests that engineering education programs must be modernized to reflect the needs of the future.  As a result of the evolving global economy and the growing demand for engineers around the world, the equivalence of engineering education programs which provide practicing engineers has become increasingly important for all nations.  The global environment will be discussed in terms of possible changes in educational expectations, the preparation of engineering graduates for next generation leadership roles, and the changing role of engineers in the multinational industrial complex.  Engineering education programs must accommodate the changing technological and societal environments, and provide a forum for intellectual growth for the next generation.  Clearly, there is a dilemma and a challenge in engineering education.