Paper title

“Real Time Tracking and Monitoring System for Pipeline Pigging Analytical Study on Distance of Magnetic Module with Pig”

Authors: Shihab A. Hameed and Rozaidah Saat
: International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Faculty of Engineering, Jalan Gombak, Malaysia

Abstract — In order to track a pig inside a pipeline and sending the data in real time, it is highly important to have a magnetic module that is strong enough to saturate a section of the pipeline. The issue is to specify the exact location of where the module should be placed to achieve the best tracking results to transmit the data. This paper describes the setting up of the experiments and their finding that has been carried out to examine the relationship of the distance between the magnetic module and the pig with respect to the magnetic field strength detected at gradiometer. Detail analysis of the result shows that the strength of the magnetic force field would lessen by half if the module sticks to the pig.