Paper title

“Optimal Integrated Control and Filtering Approach for Dynamic Weighing Systems Performance Improvement”

Authors: Mirsad Halimic, Aida Halimic, Zayed Huneiti, Salah A. Zugail
: University of Hail, Hail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Abstract — In this paper an optimal integrated control and filtering approach is investigated for performance improvement of a weighcell based dynamic weighing system. The weighcell is a controllable weighing device that operates according to the principle of electromagnetic force compensation. The two main aims for improvement are: (1) to increase the speed of weighing and (2) to achieve good measurement accuracy. These goals are contradictory and are addressed through an integrated control and filtering approach by employing Linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQG) design method. The method is further blended with classical control scheme creating a frequency shaped LQG approach. In order to use LQG technique a mathematical model of the weighing system is developed. Moreover, an analytical solution for weight filter is derived. Finally, obtained results are compared to the results of controllers employed in the contemporary dynamic weighing systems.