Paper title

"WiMax Challenges & Future"

Authors: Noel Kirkaldy
:Wireless Broadband Director, Motorola Networks & Enterprise, Middle East and Africa, Motorola, UK

Abstract - As one of the innovators of WiMAX wireless broadband communications, Motorola will discuss the commercial benefits and uptake of WiMAX in the Middle East with telecoms operators and enterprise customers at the event.

WiMAX wireless broadband promises to revolutionize communications in the region, with the introduction of fast and reliable mobile broadband. Consumers, enterprise and government are already showing interest in the possibilities of greater speeds and richer mega multimedia applications that can be enabled with WiMAX, such as mobile TV, gaming, mobile commerce and business applications.

“The real question is -- which technology will enable data access to grow the way that wider cell phone adoption enabled more people to have voice access? In Saudi Arabia alone, about 78% of the population is connected to voice access but only 1% of households have data access – we at Motorola believe that it’s WiMAX that will provide this access in coordination with other technologies,” said Noel Kirkaldy, Wireless Broadband Director, Motorola Networks & Enterprise, Middle East and Africa.

Motorola is a leader in the regional and global development of WiMAX, with 9 existing agreements with operators and a further 25 trials of MOTOwi4 WiMAX underway around the world. Motorola’s WiMAX offering is also unique in that it is the only vendor which offers complete end-to-end solutions including managed services.

Motorola WiMAX expert Noel Kirkaldy will present a keynote speech at the event, on assessing the growth of WiMAX in the region, and the opportunities which are present in the region. The presentation will include an analysis of the challenges and potential of the developing market environment, and look at some of the ongoing WiMAX trials and existing deployments.

WiMAX MEGNA takes place at the JW Marriot Hotel, Dubai, on 16th and 17th April 2007.