Author: Niren Choudhury
Chief Technology Officer – Middle East Region, Alcatel-Lucent, Egypt

Niren Choudhury is a CTO for Middle East Region in Alcatel-Lucent located in Cairo, Egypt. He has been with Alcatel –Lucent (AT&T, Lucent - Philips JV, Lucent, Alcatel-Lucent) for 23 years in various capacity after joining AT&T in 1985.  Prior to his current assignment, Niren was in Bell Laboratories, headed Lucent Reliability Program and served as Senior Director for Design & Engineering in China & Asia Pacific region located in Shanghai, China. Niren also represented AT&T and Lucent in various Industry Standard Organizations along with representing AT&T in Joint Partnership Program with HP and Ford. After completion of his B.Sc (Engineering), Niren also served five years in India in design and installation of Transmission Line Network prior to emigrating to US in 1983 for his Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Ohio University. He has completed his Ph.D course work from Rutgers University. He also maintained ASQC’s Quality and Reliability Certifications. Niren’s expertise includes Telecom Network Architectures, Product/Systems Reliability modeling and wide ranges of Telecom Products and Applications knowledge from Submarine Cables to Consumer products.