Paper title

“Design and Implementation of a 157 MHz DA-Based DXT CoProcessor"

Authors: Reza Ebrahimi Atani, Sattar Mirzakuchaki, Farshid Samii, Mohammed Reza Nasrollahzadeh
: Iran University of Science and Technology, Narmak, Tehran, Iran

Abstract - Frequency analysis using the DFT, the DHT, the DCT or the DST (DTs) is an obvious choice for image and signal processing domain. There are many algorithms for calculating the members of the DT family and each of them has its own merits and weaknesses. In this paper, we have exploited Distributed Arithmetic (DA) to develop a single stand-alone system for calculation of the desired transforms. We have also tried to justify the use of the above-mentioned algorithm. This paper describes the simulation and the implementation of a DXT coprocessor of transform length '8' for the synchronous design in an FPGA device (XILINX VIRTEX-II). The paper presents the trade-offs involved in designing the architecture and the design for performance issues.