Paper title

“Build Global System in Enterprise by Refactoring: Case Study”

Authors: Nacira Ghoualmi-Zine1, R.Boudour1 and Makhlouf Derdour2
: 1. Computer science Department, Badji Mokhtar University, Annaba Algeria

2. C.U. Tébessa, AlgeriaComputer Science Department

Abstract-In this paper we present a study case concerning the integration in global system a set of information system in Algeria-Mittal steel enterprise. Study is based on three information systems: Sells management application, treasury application and turnover application. Communication system is a global system that integrates our chosen three information systems mentioned below. Communication follows rules of management imposed by the organism and it executes tasks defined by the managers. These applications are the most suitable example for us to implement our communication manager conceived in previous work [3][6]. We present methodology of refactoring to create conceptual network for each task. We present specific UML diagrams translated from generic UML diagrams developed in previous work. We present also the whole interfaces related to administrator and user. Refactoring in this case allows flexibility and adaptability of the enterprise and help it to modulate its fulfilling according to the constraints of the market: it integrate in such system new IS, suppress IS, create new task for user and build virtual enterprise and outsourcing.