Paper title

“Automatic conversion of XML-based contents into efficient executables for resource-limited environments”

Authors: Imran A. Zualkernan, Yaser A. Ghanam, Amir S. Kalbasi, and Mohammed F. Shoshaa
: American University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE

Abstract — There are two somewhat conflicting development trends in computer engineering. On one hand, there is a push towards massively parallel networks of severely resource-limited devices such as ad-hoc wireless networks. On the other hand, due to the emergence of webservices, resource-intensive XML has become a default representation for communication and processing. The problem is particularly acute in situations where XML needs to be processed on resource-limited devices such as mobile phones. This paper presents an architecture and a methodology for dynamically generating resourceoptimized native run-time executables for such situations. A specific implementation based on this approach shows that size of the resulting executables is reduced by a factor of four when compared with the raw input XML files.