COE445: Internet Information Services

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Section 02

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Course Description

Introduction to Internet and cloud computing. Evolution of computing paradigms. Cloud capabilities and deployment and service models. Virtualization. Computer engineering aspects of cloud computing. The web and its technologies. Connecting computer-based systems to the Internet, web, and/or cloud. Hands-on activities and project.


Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are:

  1.         i.            To expose students to the design principles, system architectures, and innovative applications of Internet-based embedded systems.

      ii.      To equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to leverage the Web as a platform for building distributed systems.

    iii. To assist students to understand the idea of computing as a utility (or computing-as-a-service) and its enabling technologies

Course Learning Outcomes

After completing the course, students should be able to:

        i.            Identify problems and opportunities that are likely to result from combining the areas of embedded systems and Internet technologies.

      ii.            Integrate Internet technologies with embedded applications.

    iii.            Develop and architect (and/or assemble) scalable Internet services and applications.



Kai Hwang, Jack Dongarra, and Geoffrey C. Fox, “Distributed and Cloud Computing: From Parallel Processing to the Internet of Things”, Morgan Kaufmann, 2011.


Grading Policy

·        Class Attendance and Participation            5%

·        Five Quizzes                                                       10%

·        Assignments                                                      15%

·        Midterm                                                             20%

·        Final Exam (comprehensive)                         25%

·        Project                                                                25%


Week # Date Topic Description HW Hands-on Reading assignments Quizzes
1 1 7-Jan Introduction Syllabus + discussion with students        
2 9-Jan Review of Internets TCP/IP stack, review of physical, data link, IP, TCP/UDP protocols        
2 3 14-Jan The Web Introduction to WWW, other web services Client/Server model   Socket Programming    
4 16-Jan HTTP Protocol HTTP, HTTP server, clients, technologies   See what happens with Chrome    
3 5 21-Jan Static Websites (HTML  HTML syntax, tags 1 (create web page)      
6 23-Jan Static Websites ( CCS) CSS syntax   Introduction to Github    
4 7 28-Jan Dynamic Websites (JavaScript) javaScript History, syntax        
8 30-Jan Dynamic Websites (Advanced JavaScript) + JSON Javascript event queue, Execution context, XMLHTTPRequest Assignment 1 due JavaScript   Quiz 1 
5 9 4-Feb Class cancelled          
10 6-Feb Web framework Backend technologies (Node.js) Full stack web deelopment, Server Side scripting, Node.js Assignment 2 (Create a back-end project) Node.js    
6 11 11-Feb REST  API    (Project proposal)   Teaching REST API to Computer Engineers  
12 13-Feb Midterm Exam          
7 13 18-Feb Cloud Computing 1 Terminologies, concepts, fundementals, systems Assignment 2 due   Above the cloud,A brief to cloud  
14 20-Feb Cloud Computing 2 Terminologies, concepts,
fundementals, systems
Assignment  3 (Put things on a cloud platform of your choice) AWS, Azure, GCP    
8 15 25-Feb Cloud Programming and Software 1         Quiz 2
16 27-Feb Cloud Programming and Software 2          
9 17 4-Mar Edge/Fog Computing          
18 6-Mar Edge/Fog Computing   Assignment 3 due   Serverless computing  
10 19 11-Mar Serverless Computing     Elrabaa's link   Quiz 3
20 13-Mar Computer Eng. In Cloud          
11 21 18-Mar Computer Eng. In Cloud       Reading assignment  
22 20-Mar Computer Eng. In Cloud          
12 23 25-Mar No Class          
24 27-Mar No Class          
13 25 1-Apr Security of the Cloud       Reading assignment Quiz 4
26 3-Apr Security of the Cloud          
14 27 8-Apr Data privacy in the cloud       Reading assignment  
28 10-Apr Data privacy in the cloud          
15 29 15-Apr Student Presentations         Quiz 5
30 17-Apr Student Presentations