Computer Engineering Department
COE 332 Data Communication for Business

Instructor: Dr. Mayez Al-Mouhamed
Office: 22/325; Tel. #2934 (office) and 3536 (Robotics Lab)

Text Book:
"Data Communications for Business" Geral A. Silver and Myrna L. Silver ( edition)
Grading Policy:
Homeworks: 10%, No late assignments will be accepted
Exam 1: 15%,
Exam 2: 15%,
Exam 1: 15%,
Final: 25%
Project: 20%

Course Description: Digital Communication Fundamentals, Voice and Data Transmission Equipments, Communication Channels, Data Coding and Modulation, Multiplexing, Modems, Communications Media, Data Transmission Codes and Protocols, Software Packages, Communication Networks, Planning and Designing Communication Networks and Implementation of Communication Networks.

Course Outline

    Introduction to Communication Fundamentals (1 week)
    Communications Hardware (1 week)
    Fundamentals of Communication Channels (1 week)
    Modulation, Demodulation and Modems (1 week)
    Communication Media (1 week)
    Data Transmission Codes and Protocols (1 week)
    Communication Software (1 week)
    Introduction to Networks (1 week)
    Local Area Networks (1 week)
    Wide Area Networks (1 week)
    Value Added Networks (1 week)
    Planning and Analyzing Communication Networks (1 week)
    Designing Communication Networks (1 week)
    Implementing Communication Networks (1 week)
    Future of Communications (1 week)

    Connecting your Home PC to Internet
    Design of a Web Page
    Commerce on Internet
    Learning about Unix
    Learning about word processing and document preparation under Unix
    Designing a LAN for a small business at a single location
    Free project at your choice